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Commercial Carpet Cleaning Available Throughout the GTA

Carpets and upholstery are an investment to making your office presentable. However, carpets tend to fade over time with the increase in foot traffic. Most businesses wait until the carpet looks dirty to get it cleaned which further damages the fibre of the carpet. This may lead to the premature replacement of the carpet. But Best Carpet Care has a solution for you. As a part of our commercial carpet cleaning services in the GTA, we are proud to offer our Carpet Appearance Management program. We can clean your carpets on a schedule to not only enhance the look of your office but also increase the longevity of your carpets. Contact us today to book an appointment.

How Does It Work?

Before we begin cleaning, we inspect your facility and then design a comprehensive program with all the necessary services you may need. We will also issue a copy of the plan to your office.

Floor Refinishing and Resurfacing

Along with carpet cleaning, we offer floor stripping, sealing, and waxing services. This guards your floors against scratches, abrasion, dirt, and adds shine to the surface of your floors.

Save Money

The truck mount steam cleaning system will cost us $50 in gas for your high pressure steam cleaning as opposed to using your electricity and water and costing you more.

OUR Method: Truckmount Steam Cleaning

We use the truckmount steam cleaning for effective cleaning. A truck-mount is fixed to a vehicle and powered by gasoline engines along with water and waste tanks to create a self-contained, high-powered cleaning system. The built in water pumps operate at 300-400 psi for carpet cleaning but can be cranked up to 1000 psi. This allows us to manipulate the water pressure and temperature to get a deeper and faster clean. It also contains a vacuum pump that helps reduce residual water after cleaning. Your carpets will dry up within an hour of cleaning. 

By using truckmount system instead of the traditional portable systems, our cleaning services provide effectual removal of bacteria and germs from your carpet and an extended carpet life.

truckmount system

Dusty Office Carpets?

We can help you keep the carpets on your commercial property clean.

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